Concrete Scanning In Dubai - GPR Concrete Scanning

Concrete Rebar 3D GPRS Scanning Dubai

Concrete Scanning In Dubai - GPR Concrete Scanning
Concrete Scanning In Dubai – GPR Concrete Scanning

GPR Concrete Scanning Services in Dubai & UAE

The Dubai Services offers innovative Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning services for a wide variety of construction and renovation projects. We have a team of certified technicians who are trained in the latest GPRS technologies and techniques, ensuring we deliver top-quality services on time and with excellent results.

Applications of our GPR scanning concrete service

We provide efficient and thorough GPR concrete scanning for clients that need a non-destructive method of identifying targets and materials built within concrete structures, in order to avoid damage and safely implement drilling, cutting, and coring.

Our qualified and experienced staff use GPR technology to:

  • Locate materials and structures located within poured concrete prior to drilling, cutting, and/or coring
  • Identify the positioning of rebars and conduits below the surface before cutting or coring
  • Determine the position and depth of post tension cables within concrete surfaces and structures
  • Detect presence of voids and cavities that may cause adverse effects to structural quality and stability of concrete slabs and structures
  • Determine the breadth of concrete slabs
  • Map out the elements of a survey area

Benefits of the radar scanning services we provide

Performing GPR scans prior to cutting, coring, and drilling helps prevent costly or risky damage in construction projects. It also minimizes possibility of errors, redo of work, and project delays.

By providing expert radar scanning to construction and infrastructure projects, we’re able to help clients complete the necessary work according to their time frame and financial budget, while avoiding risks and additional costs. We use advanced radar and imaging technologies to get a clear and comprehensive view of any structure.

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