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Core cutting services Dubai Services is one of the UAE’s leading Core Cutting, Wall Cutting, Door Cutting, Saw Cutting, Concrete Cutting, Slab Cutting, Demolition, Concrete Scanning. Core cutting services Company has vast experience in providing expert Concrete Cutting, Diamond Core Drilling Services in the Construction Industry. Company has worked in some of the UAE’s latest construction projects and specialises in providing unique solutions to various issues.
Dubai Services is committed to the highest standards of safety and working standards. Our dedication to Safety and Staff Training has been recognised by the Construction Industry.

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GPR Services & Technology Note: GPR is an acronym for “Ground Penetrating Radar” GPR equipment transmits and receives electromagnetic waves into the...

What is Diamond Core Drilling? Diamond core drilling, named after its diamond bit, is an efficient and accurate method of drilling a...

Drilling in Reinforced Structure Dubai Services can quickly and cleanly cut holes from 7 to 1500mm diameter, with various depths reached with...

Diamond Core Cutting Stitch drilling overcomes the limitations caused by the maximum size of diamond drill bits by overlapping (or stitching) core...

Floor Saw Cutting Cutting concrete floors needs the right equipment and Dubai Services have floor saws with a huge choice of power...

Wall Saw Cutting There are several methods of concrete sawing, and Dubai Services team of professional concrete experts will choose the best...

Wire Saw Cutting Dubai Services are able to remove large sections of concrete using diamond-studded wires. Wire sawing concrete is a special...

Concrete Rebar 3D GPRS Scanning Dubai Services offers 2D and 3D GPR concrete scanning and wall scanning across the UAE. We can...

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Dubai Services is one of the UAE’s leading Concrete Coring and Cutting. Company has vast experience in providing expert Concrete Cutting, Diamond Core Drilling Services in the Construction Industry.


We are Dubai Services provide our customers with high-end quality services. We believe in a sense of professionalism coupled with time efficiency capable of delivering satisfying results.









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Core cutting services  In Dubai and Diamond Drilling Division of Dubai servicing is completely dedicated to providing you with an environmentally friendly and fewer aggressive alternative to the normal methods of demolition. Concrete Cutting works both independently and hand in hand with our Demolition contractor, providing valuable advice on concrete cutting, core cutting and diamond drilling, also as technical support, a huge selection of up to date machinery and competent operators.

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Precision concrete cutting, core cutting, and diamond drilling are invaluable when working adjacent to Party Walls and Retained Structures which dictate care and a vibration-free environment. When sound pollution may be a major consideration for you, Concrete Cutting and diamond drilling is fast and virtually silent machinery enabling work to continue and your deadlines to be met. Our incredibly efficient and price-effective fleet of remote robotic excavators is electro-hydraulically powered, allowing work to proceed within the smallest of areas, with no harmful fumes and intentionally, removing the operator from any hazardous situations. Should you need any longer information or help regarding concrete cutting, core cutting, and drilling, diamond drilling, track sawing, or our demolition contractors, please call us on 0504991957. We work with a good sort of customers, from building owners, utilities, small builders to major construction groups – all of whom have come to value our investment in plants and other people. We offer support on new build contracts and on specialist projects, like factories, electrical substations, restaurants, office to flat conversions, rooftop, and basement extensions. We are noted particularly for our techniques in sensitive environments. Please take a while to as certain m the services we offer then contact us to see how we will assist on your next project.