Concrete Cutting in UAE

Concrete Cutting in UAE

We employ modern technologies to cut through reinforced concrete. Our personalized solutions combined with over a decade of expertise in the field guarantee peace of mind at incomparable rates. We apply a non-vibration system to minimize vibrations to undetectable extremes.

We provide:

What is concrete saw cutting?

Concrete saw cutting is made to cut any structures such as:
Slabs, Walls, columns, Beams, Parapet, Stairs and any other reinforcement concrete Due to Non-Vibration System, We at WEM using Hilti brand Hydraulic power pack, The Hilti DLP-32 produced10 square meter per day of saw cutting in an open area, square meter of cutting (SQM)= linear meter x thickness = SQM

What is concrete wire cutting:

Concrete wire cutting/sawing is used to wet wire cut for any kind of structures with depth above 500mm Due to non-vibration System.
Using Hilti power pack 3 phase with DSTS-32 Wire attachment, the wire cutting is made to be cut such as:
Crane foundations, slab foundations, column, beams, drop beams, pillars, bridges, core walls and so on…

Concrete Cutting in UAE
Concrete Cutting in UAE

Dry Cut
Dry Cut using dry wire to cut where water is not allowed such as substation and power station.

Plunge pulleys wire sawing:
Plunge pulleys wire sawing is used where the application has no access to bottom line, refer to photo.

What is steel wire cutting?
steel wire sawing is made to cut highly thickness of steel such as: H beams- steel pipes- steel structure- ships- air planes, water tanks steel foundation Due to non- vibration system.

Concrete Cutting in UAE
Concrete Cutting in UAE
  • Openings for windows and doors in reinforced concrete walls
  • Cutting of concrete barriers and walls
  • Openings for doors at lift shafts
  • Cutting of R/C capping beams, waler beams, and thrust blocks
  • Cutting of R/C tunnels
  • Cutting of R/C piles
  • Cutting of slabs
  • Cutting of bridges
  • Cutting of crane foundations

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